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A term used by "Hannibal" Smith as a euphemism for a frontal assault. Used by The A-Team in nearly all engagements.

A "pincer" maneuver involves a force splitting into two and attacking the enemy from both sides, thus a "half pincer" logically means the force attacks the enemy from only one side.
Hannibal - "Now, the plan is your basic straight-on surprise hit-n-run attack. If anything goes sour, we split-up and rendezvous at the drop zone. Got it?"

BA - "This ain't much of a plan, Hannibal."

Hannibal - "Are you kidding? It's a classic! It's your half pincer movement inside a guarded perimeter. Tried and true, BA!"
by Philip Welch September 09, 2009
an intricate play used in games such as American football, hockey and checkers. involves forming an enclosure around a player to force him/her into submission. favoured by Mrs. Doubtfire, transvestite nanny, and Saint Jackolas, checkers icon.
St. Jackolas "man, check my badass half-pincer on Macaulay, Mrs. D!"
Mrs. Doubtfire "ooh very nice dear!"
Macaulay "please let me go home now."
by failure33object April 23, 2005

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