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An awesome band with lead singer Lzzy Hale. Drummer Arejay can play an insane solo which he throws a drumstick towards the audience with almost every hit. Also play the "drum circle" in which each member of the band plays a drum that are in a circle, hence "drum circle". usally doesnt get to crazy at Halestorm concerts but Halestorm aknowledges their fans completely, and they sign autographs at every show.
"Man after the Halestorm concert last night we got to meet Halestorm. Maaaan Lzzy is so hot up and close!"
by Andrewxcore April 02, 2006
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To do something better than the original, specifically with reference to songs, but also generally in terms of performing any action better than the previous person.
Did you hear them Halestorm that Beatles song?
by DMS1 February 21, 2015
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