While normally means "no worries" it is used in the urban communities and means "no struggles" . The widely used word struggle or " The struggle" has been used in many different situations, especially over the internet as a joke and in real life where people are going through tough times, so when some finally decide to make something out of their lives and work to get out of the struggle. They begin to set goals to achieve the Hakuna Matata status.
Tyrone : I finally got a job to buy some fresh shoes and clothes for you babe, plus I can pay off the child support my ex keeps nagging me about and get her off my back.

Chole: Oh papi you finally getting your life on track~

Tyrone: I told you girl, hakuna matata.
Will: I don't work at McDonalds anymore and managed to get a better job.

Ray: Ooooh hakuna matata brah!!
by NoGoodTsuna May 29, 2014
It means no worries, for the rest of your days.
Hakuna Matata.
by Thatpersonyousawatthatplace May 03, 2011
Awesomer original yolo.
- Dude you can't just eat plates!
-Hakuna Matata
by magicalbeast February 13, 2015
Hakuna-matata means NO WORRYS. It is comes from swahili and was used in The Lion King.
" I'm really sorry I forgot to go to the park yesterday."
by Sharkie212 October 13, 2014
means the state of being high, what a wonderful place, it means no worries.
DUUUE maan im so hakuna matata right now that you look like a meerkat
by Joey Paris April 14, 2011
The act of jizzing on a girl's face then smearing it across her forehead with your thumb.
Last night i gave her a Hakuna Matata.
by roflcopter6754 November 02, 2010
For white geeks who are in Kenya the first
time and they think it makes them "fit in"
if they put on a Hakuna matata t shirt and so
they won't get mugged by the Kenyans as they profess there are no worries - but are really scared inside waiting to get robbed!

Matt:Man i was in Kenya and i didn't get robbed!
How come?
Jack:I said the magic words to all I met-hakuna matata!
Jason meets some Kenyans and he's just from the forex bureau and says: hakuna matata.Hakuna matata as he runs away while they chase him for his money.
by Pe ter August 07, 2008

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