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extremely gross hair around the nipple region of male.
Russell has large hairy nipples, but he consistently denies it.
by chaleco August 01, 2006
Hair that grows on the nipple, mainly on young Italian boys around 12 - 18. This hair is famous for growing on Tyler J. C.
Kayley : Hey Sara, have you seen Tyler's nipples?
Sara: Yeah, but we don't talk about it.
Kayley: Why?
Sara: Because, Tyler's very sensitive of his hairy nipples!
Kayley: Oh. ohkay.
by saralizohemgee July 15, 2009
The kind of nipples your grandfather has
Ew grandpa don't shove your hairy nipples into my face!
by Sleepingwithshadows May 08, 2015
Someone you don't like, or are disgusted by. May infect you with the hairy nipple virus. Most often a fat female. WIll try to rape you while you're asleep. All limbs that come in contact with this person MUST be amputated. Italian males are particularly susceptible to contract this disease and have the worst immunity.

Someone you avoid at ALL costs.
"I saw "Hairy Nipples" the other day.."
"Shit! Did she infect you?"

"It's Hairy Nipples!!!"
"Don't hide behind me, where am I supposed
by wealouche November 11, 2010
Used to describe someone who resembles Victoria Sweeney.
Wow, her hairy-nipples remind me of Victoria.
by Anonymous February 27, 2003
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