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An ass that is hairy.
That's a very hairy ass!
by UrMom January 29, 2003
Imposing. Daunting. Worthy of contemplation and great respect. Fearsome.
Martha had a big old hairy ass Dodge pickup that could go anywhere.
by Bumkicker Slade April 24, 2005
To describe a situation that is bad, scary, or threatening.
If you go to prison, and become some Bubba's bitch, you're gonna be in one, hairy ass predicament.
by hair-ee ass August 27, 2003
an ass that has imense amounts of hair on it
one time Dj leaned over in english class and me and giselle gasped as we saw a big fat hairy ass pop out at us our eyes started to tear as we stared with disgust
by katie April 13, 2004