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A person, usually female, with long hair that lets alot of different people and sexes play with their hair, possibly out of low self esteem.
"Wow, thats the fifth boy that shes let touch her hair today. What a hairslut."
by vinceoffers March 07, 2009
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A client whom a hair stylist believes is loyal and faithful, but then finds out has been warming other stylists' chairs.
stylist Willie: hmm, it has been a while since you visited, and I remember you saying you needed a nice 'do for a wedding. And your hair looks curlier than it used to be.
client James: well, I found it more convenient to vist Ivan that time.
stylist Willie: You are such a hair slut - what does Ivan have that I don't?
by James-Ian November 06, 2009
A girl who only likes guys for his hair
Becky is such a hair slut, she dumped Kyle after he cut his hair
by Mikiemike January 21, 2014

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