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A portmanteau of "hairy" and "area"; an area on your body that is particularly hairy, but that you would probably prefer to have hairless. Such areas are a matter of personal preference.
I missed that hairea while I was shaving my legs this morning. I'll try harder next time.
by Georgia Peach 33 August 31, 2014
Combination of the words "hair" and "areas." The areas in your home where most of the hair balls from your shedding dog seem to collect. These areas can be vacuumed one day and covered with hair again the very next morning.
Wife: Honey, can you vacuum the haireas today before the guests arrive?
by preadyoff September 10, 2009
The area in and around one's hair.
"Dude, there's a bug in your hairea"
by fnwk July 11, 2013
A hairy area of the human body
Your Hairea smells bad, put on some deodorant.
His chest is a major Hairea

Also applies to other areas
by Andrew Potts February 24, 2006

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