Hair metal is a sub genre of heavy metal which is more chart-oriented than a lot of other rock music. It's often criticised for being entirely based on image and for the musicians being crap. However, the truth is that all genres of music have an associated image; even grunge has its own anti-fashions. The image of the hair metal bands was tight spandex or leather trousers, eye makeup, and long, dyed black or blonde hair, styled with lots of spray to make it look bigger. The required effect was to look like a slightly ugly girl, or in the case of some, a rather attractive girl. In fact, the Aerosmith song Dude Looks Like A Lady was written about Vince Neil, the singer from Motley Crue.

The hair metal genre started because a generation of young people were influenced by Aerosmith and the New York Dolls. Bands in the genre include Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Europe, Bon Jovi (more for the sound than the image) and even Aerosmith themselves when they made their late 80s comeback. To clear up any misunderstandings: Guns N' Roses originally came from the hair metal scene, but had more success than a lot of the other bands because their music was more varied in style and in the theme of the lyrics, so they appealed to people who didn't like hair metal. I would say that GNR are probably the crossover point between hair metal and straight-up heavy metal.

Grunge is said to have killed hair metal, however,many of the hair metal bands are now making a comeback with reunion tours and new albums. The exceptions to this are Bon Jovi, who survived the 90s with a similar amount of success to before, and Guns N' Roses, who basically would have imploded whatever else was going on in the music scene.

Generally the hair metal bands tended to be quite badly behaved- at some point, a lot of the musicians have been involved in drug addiction or alcoholism. For example, during the late 80s every single member of both Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses was addicted to either heroin or alcohol, and Slash was addicted to both, drinking two bottles of whisky every day. Nikki Sixx actually died in an ambulance after a heroin overdose, but was revived with an injection of adrenaline into his heart. This led to the album 'Kickstart My Heart'.

Hair metal tends not to be taken seriously as a genre of music because its lyrics are seen as offensive or stupid. The songs often sound very similar to each other, and there is in fact a particular 'whiny' style of guitar solo that is recognisable in a lot of these songs, although this is partly due to several of the most famous guitarists all using Gibson Les Paul guitars. To be honest, I think that music is there to be enjoyed, and hair metal was written by young guys who wanted to have a good time. It just happens that like a lot of young guys, their idea of fun was to go out and drink, party and get girls. Also- if you don't like it, you don't have to listen to it!
1. Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue is a perfect example of a hair metal song- the video has strippers and motorbikes.

2. The hair metal image of big hair and tight trousers is being brought back by bands such as Towers of London.
by gembird November 26, 2006
A natural evolution of glam rock. Noted by their hairspray addictions and spandex trousers hair metal bands first arose on both sides of the Atlantic in the mid 1980's through bands such as Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Wrathchild and LA Guns. Reached a high in the late 80's as the principle form of commercial rock expression before becoming unfashionable with the arrival of grunge in the early 1990's. I never went away and is now undergoing something of a revival through bands such as The Darkness.
Must hear hair metal bands include:-
Poison, Motley Crue, Wrathchild, Smashed Gladys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Love Hate, Girl, Tigertailz, Rankelsson, Hanoi Rocks, Dog's D'Amour, The Quireboys, L.A. Guns, Torme, Tora Tora, The Darkness and Underneath What.
by black flag June 27, 2004
hair metal was thought to be started by LA band motley crue and took tis influence from punk bands such as new york dolls, mott the hoople and english bands liek the sweet and t rex that were already calassifed as Glam rock bands such as motley crue made it heavier n made their image and muysic darker e.g. shout at the devil.Hair metal was/ is a style of music that concentrated on having a good time sec drugs and rock roll, as time wen ton bands faded away apart of afew e.g. motley crue who have over time matured into songs like if i die tomorrow and sick love song.
Hair metal was critised for not having emotion, there is usally alot of meaning behind the songs of hair metal for example. home sweet home, on with the show by motley crue had meaning behind it and were comerically succesful they were metal was rock n roll sex n drugs it was teenage rebellion it was everything parents feared. if anything it shoudl come back the leather the hair the chants the world needs the crue the world needs the hair the metal and the emos need to go crawl in a cave n sleep for eternity.
hair metal bands include motley crue, skid row, cinderella, pison, ratt, W.A.S.P, LA guns,
by will thunders November 19, 2006
hair metal, in my opinion, is pretty fuckin awesome. i mean who cant love EXTREMELY talented and dedicated musicians performing their hearts out? definetly beats the whole "i hate the whole fucking world so im gonna go a month without washing my hair and im gonna act depressed so that "cool" chicks/guys will like me, etc"...which is shit, btw. alot of retarded critics say that hair metal is sooo over the top and sooo polished and they want real....raw music....well, dammit if the polished and over the top stuff sounds a hell of a lot better than said real and raw music, then why shouldnt you fucking listen to it? so what if alot of the people in the hair metal bands had long (usually gorgeous....sorry im a girl....i love long hair like, idk dave sabo's) hair and wore make up and some looked like they belonged on the cover of Cosmo instead of the Rolling Stone....but didnt they sound good? isnt that what really matters.....i mean the hair metal guys had REAL musical talent (of course there are a few exceptions...not many though...)and they worked their asses off to make their music perfect while those dumbasses who played grunge music (now im not COMPLETELY opposed to grunge....but alot of it is crap)just sat on stage droning about how awful life is. idk about you but i'd pick the polished over the top guys....
SKID ROW, bon jovi, poison, motley crue, warrant,etc,etc, metal is amazing, to put it in a nutshell
by someone who gives a shit November 08, 2006
The greatest rock, ever. Actually had talent unlike that shit called grunge. Hair metal was all about bangin' brauds, drinkin, makin' alot of money, having a great time, kicking ass, having fun and rockin'! Then that loser Cobain ruined it, and killed himself because he's a loser. Fuck Seattle. No, they didn't kill hair metal at all retards, hair metal was kickin' ass since '81 and decided to take a little break in '92, and are now back, kickin' ass again! No grunge band can ever comeback. Motley Crue is the greatest.
Hair metal has been crowned the new king!
by Spartans! November 08, 2004
Sprang up in LA (and at the same time Finland) in the early eighties as a backlash against punk, which many people believed was quickly selling out. The most famous hair metal band was (and still is) Motley Crue, who really kicked it all off. Influences of hair metal include Kiss, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and many other hard rock acts of the 70's. Is actually completely different to 'poodle rock'
hair metal: Motley Crue, Hanoi Rocks, early Guns n'Roses

poodle rock: Poison, Europe, Warrant
by Amy the great October 27, 2004
The greatest form of "hard" rock in existance. Mostly dead now, thanks to the uprise of lackadaisical bands and talent lacking "musicians". Grunge and Punk replace Hair/glam metal in the rock wars. Great.
Despite its suggestive and oftimes offensive lyrics, the msical talent was second to none. Insane guitar work and vocals were hallmarks of the genre. Whenever i say i like metal, i need to add the tag "Hair" just to ensure that i am not a satanic headbanger (i am just the wild kind).
I am a black hair metal-head, and proud
by ManOfTheDiaspora May 05, 2005
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