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Pretty much a cowlick or when one section of your hair sticks up and will not go down for a matter of time or without the help of hair products and such.
"Matt, fix your hair. You have a hair boner."
by Super Special Awesome Person March 05, 2008
Goose bump (AKA pilo-erection).
That song is so cool it gives me hair boners.
by Jeremy Sherman May 05, 2008
when a hair on the back of your head sticks up
a guy with a chunk of hair sticking up on the back of his head which is called the hair boner
by brittane terry February 02, 2009
Those little hairs that just don't go down.
Ugh. I have a huge hair boner today!
by doodlebear213 February 20, 2011
when a girl with short hair puts her hair in a ponytail such that it resembles a male erection or boner. this is the only time a woman will ever or should ever sport a boner.
"damn, your hair boner just hit me in the face."

"is it just me or is your hair boner more voluminous than usual?"

"i like your style. that hair boner is hot."

by apt effay November 04, 2007

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