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A mix between the haggis and the jackalope. Typicaly called the North American Haggis. This animal has 2 and a half stomachs, no intestine, and a large pair of antlers. The haggisalope hops up and down mountains in the Colorado Rockies with its 3 legs. However, the front 1 leg is shorter than the back 2, causing it to fall down the mountain and break its neck. Hunting of haggisalope is either done with a toilet or large turds, though the ass goblin also works as bait. The haggisalope was thought to of gone extinct when scotsmen and irishmen made a mixbreed called scirish, often known as drunks. New evidence has pointed to their migration to China, making them commielopes.
Person 1: Hey, Frank, you want to go haggisalope hunting?

Person 2: Do you have the ass goblins?

Person 3: HEY! Who put the toilet in the car? And why are there ass goblins in the toilet? Is it haggisalope season?

Person 2: So you do have ass gobblins!

Person 1: Yea. And the runs.
by TheProudestLoser November 14, 2007
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