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A fag hag's boyfriend or husband
Hag-alongs are not only fun to dress up, they can make great protection for the whole gang returning from a club late at night.
by puckinsf June 23, 2011
5 1
Straight women who love gay men are called fag hags, so when these ladies follow the guys around and want to be their best friends, instead of being tag alongs, they are hag alongs.
"You guys are going to the Triangle? Can I hag along?"

"I use my hag along as a beard for Thanksgiving."
by Coell December 30, 2005
10 6
The ugly friend(s) in a pack of girls at a bar. Usually only included in the group as a way for the hotter chicks to make themselves seem more attractive. See also: grenade
Dude, I'm not saying she doesn't look good, but she wouldn't be as hot if it weren't for that trail of hagalongs behind her.
2 0