To be of poor or crappy quality. To be jimmy rigged. To be poor. To look like a caveman.
His house is so hackney, it dosn't even have a door knob...all i has is a deadbolt.

He bought the hackney brand of cheesy poofs....

That kid buys his clothes from the goodwill...he must be hackney

That kid looks like a caveman, is he related to hackney?

by Jebusite February 09, 2009
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Hackney da baddest part of london.......we got ppl scared as hell dwn here!!!!
Oi, dnt mess wid him dat nigga is from hackney
by Hackneyppz [x] [c=45] [x] December 08, 2007
When a boxer tries to hop over the ropes or gets stuck in the ropes.
That boxer just pulled a hackney!
by Nick Griffin June 02, 2007
A strong Horse used to carry royalty in the 1800's.
That Horse is fit enough to be a hackney
by iatrhb June 24, 2009
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