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Habbzo is a replica of Sulake Oy's popular community 'Habbo Hotel' franchise.

Habbzo is a growing community, that's based on volunteering staff to maintain the growing community. The positive outlook on Habbzo in comparison with Habbo is that Habbzo is free to use, including additional items such as Credits and Furniture.
Habbzo User: 'Your still not paying for credits on Habbo are you?'

Habbo User: 'Yea, why not?'.

Habbzo User: 'Haha, don't worry. I've stumbled on something more valuable than Habbo'.

Habbo User: 'What would that be?'

Habbzo User: 'Habbzo Hotel! Where you can get free Habbzo Coins!'

Habbo User: 'Scam! Scam! *Calls a Moderator'.

Habbzo User: *Banned*
by Sulake October 01, 2007
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