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habibi is commonly used between arabs. when an arab male says it to another arab male it does not mean my love but follows the same line as "mah boy"
How is it going habibi?
by tawfizzle March 29, 2005
261 136
common term of endearment, often used in arabic songs, means "darling" or "beloved"
One great song is "Habibi Da" which means "This is my darling"
114 62
the definition of habbibi is: my love
oh my love i can not live without u
by CHIF and ROI ROI March 16, 2005
113 68
Usually used when referring to a guy who is either Arabic or of Arabic descent.
your habibi friend is hot!--my brothers friend's are mostly habibis.
by casita June 21, 2005
35 90