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The IRC (or other, less popular social networking tools) equivalent of "high five", often utilised after two persons whom share common world views and moral standards exchange opinions.
- Tim: "I totally had relations with that girl, and she was left severely unimpressed."
- Bob: "I also had relations with her, and can report the same results as pertains to her feelings of impressiveness"
- Tim: "Allright, h5!"
by RetardedBear January 22, 2014
When a guy with the first letter in their name is H hooks up with 5 different girls within one night usually all the girls are slutty or heinous.
"H-5 did you hear about Harmon last night?"
"Yea, I cant believe he was that drunk to pull a H-5"
by real squeal November 14, 2013
The act of giving a hand job while receiving a hickey from your boyfriend, or a male companion
"Oh dude, did you see Michelle's neck after the party?"

"Yeah, her and her boyfriend must have H-5ed all night!"
by Kelhannah Nichelle January 09, 2009
H5 is slang for high five which is most commonly used by mobile phone users and social networing. It originated from a man called darren callan from st helens merseyside why he was on he's mums sofa txin he's ex girlfeind on the 07.09.11 at approx 11.40pm in the evening.
H5. wen some freinds are texting each other they will high five each other by texting H5 this can also be used on facebook and other social networking sites. Its the new craze lol
by dazzlaharvey September 08, 2011
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