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Hard as a mother fucker.
As in the Kanye West and Jay-Z song, "H.A.M".
Yeah, I'm about to go H.A.M. Hard as a mother fucker; let these niggas know who I am.
by KanyeGossipMonster January 11, 2011
436 475
Hard as a motherfucka
I'm about to go H.A.M. This was used by Kanye and Jay-Z in their song H.A.M.
by Frost the flow man January 11, 2011
335 208
Used to describe the actions of a person as going hard as a motherfucker, doing the activity with the utmost vigor and determination.
That fighter went ham in the ring for the win.
by dbug217 January 12, 2011
403 296
Hard As a Mother fucker
i be goin ham!

soulja boi
by BWag225 April 27, 2010
495 416
Is an accronym for Hard As a Motherfucker popularized by Wale-"No Hands" then later further popularized by Kanye West and Jay-Z''s hit single "H.A.M".
"I be going H.A.M shawty upgrade from bologna"
by Luka Ellacattu November 19, 2011
195 156
acronym for Hard as a motherfucker. Meaning a person is unstoppable in a competition.
Damn, Adrian Peterson went HAM last week.
by FiyaBird January 22, 2010
132 101
Hard as a motherfucker.
Gurl that booty got me H.A.M. !
by knightknight March 14, 2011
140 111
you dont know what Hams are!11
Hams = Sweet sweet ass
The kind of ass where if you were to slap it, it would ring like a church bell!
Oh check those sweet sweet hams!
by Paully May 08, 2003
69 42