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Short, colloqial term for hard core.
That guy who jumped through the 5 burning rings of fire on a motorcycle was pretty damn h-core.
by Xzile October 04, 2005
preppy kids way of saying hard-corethey think its pretty snazzy. can also be said as h to the core
Sally- Look my collar is only popped on one side
Jane- That is so h-core


pshh we are so h-core
by Janoalp March 06, 2005
being a bad ass or being able to handle severe conditions ,
Man you're one h core mot@er f*cker to be riding your scooter when it 25 degrees out!!!!!!!!!
by Tuck359 March 12, 2008
lame things mormon guys say to their girl friends
i wanna make out with you hcore.
by lizanne May 03, 2005
SEE hardcore
dude, i'm hecka hcore, yo
by Michael Sutton March 20, 2004