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Hipster douchebag.
Plain and simple. Most hipsters give off the essence of being a douchebag. So instead of wasting your precious time on saying "hipster douchebag" simply refer to them as a h-bag.
"So Jacky, did you go to American Apparel?"

"Nawh, too many facking h-bags brah."
by lacreadora September 06, 2009
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H Bag known to the Jackson, TN area as slang or short for hoe bag (see douchebag). When around young kids or older people H Bag sounds much better than hoe bag or even the commonly known douchebag. Pretty much describes someone worth about as much as a hoe's purse or handbag and smells about the same too. Much worse than a standard douchebag. Fairly offensive without
Random chick:Who's gonna be our next president Ron Paul or Obama?

Random dude:Ohh Paul I hope, Obama is such a h bag.
by bonzii December 19, 2011

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