A kick delivered to the teat of ether a female or large breasted male gypsy which is delivered with so much force that it is accelerated at a velocity large enough so that the teat is delivered to the recipients face typically resulting in facial damage.
dom: "dont you look at me with them gypsy eyes girl, i will gypsy kick the shit out of your tits, im not scared!"

kesh: "dont dom please she didnt mean it, i may be of homosexual orientation but i know my way around a gypsy"

Ayse: "yeh dom *tripper gypsy stare*"

Dom: "hold me back boys.... HOLD ME BACK!"
by the gypsy prophet September 15, 2010
Top Definition
a. A kick inflicted by one who is wearing really pointed-toed shoes.

b. A kick inflicted by a girl wearing really pointed-toed shoes into another girl's privates.
"I swear I'm going to gypsy kick that bitch."
by leighchee May 04, 2007
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