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v. when one takes the stub or butt of a cigarette from an ashtray and proceeds to smoke it. Differs from relighting a cigarette that has gone out due to the cigarette poverty of those usually found engaging in this tradition. Often done by broke college students. Originates from observations of gypsy toddlers, who have been seen to descend upon a public ashtray and empty it of all stubs. Differs from requesting Aces on a cigarette, which is a form of bumming cigarettes.

Generally seen as filthy but desperate behavior. Should only be attempted by those who are of dubious moral standing, the inebriated, and when your friends are absolutely done with bumming you further cigarettes.
Too bad you're out of cigarettes. I have a full ashtray you can gypse from until you gain enough self-respect to go get some more cigarettes.

Haha, Evan is so drunk! He was digging through the sandbox trying to gypse cigarettes because he's convinced it's an oversized ashtray.
by TierOneTech January 29, 2011
A local person who usualy screws over people, steals from them and other things like that.
Katherine is such a gypse, I can't believe she stole a quarter.
by Alex War April 24, 2008

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