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A rip off, or a scam.
"I paid 99 cents to download this sweet looking game to my brand new Android tablet, but when I tapped to run DIDN'T EVEN WORK! WHAT A FREAKIN' GYPP!!!"
by mastergeemoe March 21, 2014
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Course, l can't say l seen London, and l never been to France, and l ain't never seen no
queen in her damned undies, as the fella says. But l'll tell you what, after seeing Los Angeles
and this here story l'm about to unfold, well, l guess l've seen something every bit as stupefying
as you can see in any of those other places, and in English, too. So l can die with
a smile on my face without feeling like the good Lord gypped me.
by s@mur@i jack December 22, 2015
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