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Armenian slang word for "faggot"
The person claiming syot is a Turkish word is a gyot.
by Antranik May 09, 2005
253 84
gay person (in ArMeNiAn) also written as "G7"
Ara gyot ari stegh mamad kounemmmmmmm!
by GANDON November 01, 2003
147 48
Turkish member of society... Usually Male...
MightyMike is very Gyot. He enjoys daily activities with other Gyots. Turkish Gyots need to pay their debt to society.
by Crazy from Cali... November 19, 2009
71 18
Gyot is a Turkish word, which is an insult and used to define gay men. Also, is another definition for armenian.
1:That Khachik is a real gyot!
2:Well what do you expect from a dirty armenian...
by MightyMike December 31, 2004
26 314