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A really hot girl with a nice body who usually has nice legs, arms, and especially ass. She is also probably short for her age and has big muscles. They work their asses off to achieve perfection and really work hard. Gymnastics is one of the hardest damn sports on earth.
I am a gymnast and I have all of these nice body parts lol i am also kind of short for my age
by HOTTgymnast12 May 05, 2006
A gymnast is a highly trained athlete who excels in several events (*1, *2) which test strength, speed, coordination, agility and beauty. Elite Gymnasts (Olympic level) train up to 8 hours a day and are known to be some of the most dedicated athletes in the world. Gymnasts are graded on a very difficult scale of 10.0, with 10 being perfection.

1*Males compete in six events: Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, Highbar, Rings and Parelell Bars.
2*Females compete in four events: Beam, Vault, Bars and Floor.
Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast in history to score a perfect 10.0.

The 1996 Womens Team motivated thousands of children across the world and country to take up gymnastics after their victorious gold medal.
by blackstar June 10, 2006
girls in tight leotards who have big muscles and are usualy skinny. CATION: GYMNASTS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO FLIP AT UNEXPECTED TIMES.
gymnasts also have no time to do anything but gymnastics, but they are still looking for something to do afterwards so if u meet a gymnast dont be afraid to make friends with them and do something together or with other friends.
hey i met this girl and shes a gymnast. she is so hot. especially when shes in her little leotard!
by a gymnast...duh September 10, 2003
girls who suffer from having no life, teammates are their everything, they couldn't go a day without the one sport they love; gymnastics. they breathe, sleep, eat gymnastics. it's simply their life.
by gymnasticsss((: January 24, 2011
the most unusual sexuality- a guy who thinks he is a striaght girl and is constantly chasing after guys like milton
both a sexuality andn nationality for vinny
Male gymnast teams give each other crazy carls instead of regular hazing
by COTT PETERSON March 02, 2005
The third sex, often appreciated by confused teenagers
A: Wow! thats neither man or woman
B: No, its a gymnast
by davey crockett February 10, 2005

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