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Good-intentioned new members to a gym trying to live up to their New Year's Resolutions. Along with aggressive gym promotions, this leads to a mass increase in gym membership. As a result, gymigrants are often unfairly ostracized for decreasing the availability of gym equipment and programs, and are the target of crude remarks due to a feeling of superiority and entitlement by long-time gym members. All the gymigrants want is to make a new gym-life for themselves and fit in.
Gym Monkey A: "FRICK! I've been waiting to do my LATS for 15 minutes. Who the heck is he? Where did all these losers come from?"

Gym Monkey B: "It's the New Year's Resolution crowd. Happens every year at this time. Bunch of gymigrants."

Gymigrant on the lateral-raise machine: "How do you use this thing?"
by Landed Gymigrant January 09, 2010
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