A ginger wigger, wigger being a white thinking he black. .
Example that ginger is being a gwigger
#ginger #wigger #gwigger #white #black
by fucku assholesbbbb July 02, 2013
Top Definition
A white woman who acts like a black man.

Yes they exist.
...then this little white ho starts scratchin' her ass! I'm all like "Damn, gwigger!"
by Cap'n Awesome May 02, 2005
A homosexual, white male with an urban, black culture affectation. A gay wigger.
Oh, god! That damned gwigger, Justin Bieber, is on TV again. Turn it off! Turn it off!!!
#bieber #wigger #queerchucker #twuntsta #hiphop-homo
by JJ8 February 21, 2011
a girl who thnks she is a black man...get it? GWIGGER
u wanna go shopping nikki?

HELL NAWW SON, im good im juzz go'n play some bball, peace out homie
by liz & michelle March 20, 2005
gwigger- female who thinks she is a black man... Wigger meaning white person who thinks he is black.
wanna go to the mall nikki?

hell naww son im gonna go play some bball with my homies piece out homie
by liz & michelle March 18, 2005
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