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GWI Is an acronym for Get With It. Commonly used as internet jargon.
Nate: Brandy gets on my nerves sometimes.

Todd: That's why Jesus invented smacks Nate, GWI.
by misconfiguration November 28, 2006
Get What I'm Saying.
Guy: You're on the pill, we don't need a condom.

Girl: But we'll be double protected, GWIS?
by omfgwtfhlolz February 06, 2010
Generous White Individual, person of Caucasian ethnicity who doesn't mind purchasing things for they're friends.

Pronounced- Gui like "GUI"-DO
My GWI just bought me a new shirt for my birthday.
by F!LO January 12, 2011
like GUI but with a U

also the d-b-lech is a linguist
GWI is like well i dont know
by trees. February 15, 2005
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