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A 'tweenie' version of a greb. Usually aged 10-12 listens to Sum41, good charlotte etc but goes round in hoody's and brightley coloured acessories.
I like sum41, i'm such a gweebo!
when one finds a dead pregnant woman, puts their mouth near the vagina, pounds on the stomach and must eat whatever comes out.
dude your such a gweebo
by josh ruch November 29, 2007
A glass wand with a small glass ball at one end which is heated with a 500°+ heat source (small torch etc.) then applied to herb, hash or honey oil for smoking.
Man, ever since I started using my gweebo to smoke with instead of butane lighters, my herb tastes way better, the hits go down smoother and my burnouts are nice and clean!
by Suga Free May 01, 2008