1. A vehicle (typically an SUV) that consumes a large amount of gas.

2. An individual driving a guzzler.
1. "Dude, stop whining about gas prices and trade in your guzzler for a Prius."

2. "I was just about to grab a killer parking space, when some guzzler with a 'Palin for President' bumper sticker stole it fom me."
by Milk Balls July 01, 2012
Top Definition
a slutty female. she gives alot of head.
shes a guzzler!
by jude-e December 04, 2001
A chick who froths so much on the pole that when she gets some she makes sure that all the cum is lapped up into her mouth and then proceeds to gargle it in and around her mouth just before guzzling it all down into her belly.
Man I was getting my DJ on last night and spotted this guzzler giving me cock eyes on the D floor. I took her home and she was the biggest guzzle!!!
by Spaks RAD August 26, 2009
- medical condition where cum slingers have to have their stomach pupmed due to over active sausage munching
- where by one drowns in ones' sposes cum
carol is a guzzler
by tim February 04, 2004
One who proceeds to give oral sex, usually to a man. Synonyms: Ballzach, Harv, ZH
Zach was the biggest guzzler of the group, usually taking in 3 or 4 at the same time.
by Ted Flanagan January 03, 2008
a woman with nice big titties that's so huge they look like you can guzzle milk out of them.
man 1: look at that girl. i bet she got alot of milk in those.
man 2: hell yea. she got some guzzlers for sure.
by ThaEndIzNear July 25, 2009
a bar shot that is "topped off" with the product of personal or sexual gratification.
Bill served the best guzzler last night.
by FiF10 December 16, 2005
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