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A manther, but ten years older. Guy + coyote = guyote. Usually hunt alone, preferring small, easily attainable game. May resort to scavenging if desperate. Are often difficult to remove from populated areas. Commonly attracted to, but easily intimidated by cougars.
I was playing pool with my buddy, Pel, when a couple of manthers, a cougar and a guyote with a gray ponytail came and tried to take our table.
by Wes Tent January 30, 2006
Male who prefers to feed only when the object appears in some way helpless (e.g. - recently dumped from a long term relationship, intoxicated, or asleep).
Sally: Julie's boyfriend just told her he's seeing some other girl. Think she's coming out tonight.

Jane: Be prepared to fight off the guyotes, then. They can smell any breakup within a five mile radius, and I don't need to be taking her leftover shots of Jager all night.
by whitlsr August 23, 2009