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when the word bitch doesnt cut it anymore...a name given to some overweight married bitch that gets drunk at a kenny chesney concert in the slums of clevelandand gives dome to some teenage kid that is 7 years younger than she is in a room full of his friends after 4 hours of him telling her the most evil and insulting comments that would make any other person other than a gutterslut want to kill themselves or go running back to her unhappy marriage and two kids.
some gutter slut gave that kid dome after he told her how ugly and useless she was and how he was gonna make her suck his dick whether she liked it or not
by gino October 25, 2004
25 35
A cheap street whore that will kneel down in an alley gutter and blow you for 50 cents
I met this bar whore last nite, man what a cum guzzling gutter slut she was!
by kenny lingus January 22, 2004
361 110
a dirty whore, commonly found passed out in a ditch or gutter
the girl you saw last night on the corner, julia roberts in pretty woman
by keaton October 28, 2002
116 28
A whore who will do anything to please to her gaping vagina including sleeping with the entire football team and/or the janitorial staff
A: Did you hear about that girl Tess? She gangbanged by the entire football team/
B: Yeah, she's a total gutter slut.
by DJ Mikey D November 09, 2010
113 57
The penultimate description for a female who guzzles giz and takes cocks in the ass like a cleptomaniac takes things from the dollar store. These women almost always have a gobbler, some random venerial disease, a good pair of dsl and some big fucking monkey tits.
Lucy, I just walked in on your mother naked and she has a giant dangling gobbler just like a gutter slut.
by JT aka Jesus January 10, 2006
142 97
a worthless, often drug addicted cum dumpster who loves cock in every hole at once and will suck you off for a good idea.
terrie crane is a cum guzzling gutterslut
by youalready know January 08, 2009
54 24
a trashy redneck slut whore bitch that has a nasty, disease-filled vagina (and/or asshole) that craves fat cocks the way that a baby craves tit milk.
Dude, what the fuck were you thinking when you fucked that absolute gutter slut of a human being in the asshole?
by TWON February 18, 2004
161 134
Someone who will sleep with anybody - usually hoping that their friends won't find out.
J: Man, did Andy really hit that?

K: Yep, she's telling everyone. That fool becomes such a gutter slut when he's lonely.
by ShawnyB June 21, 2012
29 16