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a dirty whore, commonly found passed out in a ditch or gutter
the girl you saw last night on the corner, julia roberts in pretty woman
by keaton October 28, 2002
A large peice of farming machinery, often used for clearing nursery's, kindergartens and petting zoo's.
Uses large saw like blades to cut through things with ease, is only really used for clearing nursery's, kindergartens and petting zoo's of annoying items. aka children
person 1: I hear you bought a new combine harvester last week.
person 2: Ye i had to get rid of the old one, to slow, makes it harder to hit the fast animals and children.
person 1: Mmmm hmmm i had the same problem last winter
by Keaton April 27, 2006
Making someone think your way through the use of large rocks and your mind.
person 1: you cant make me believe you
person 2: yes i can
person 1: prove it
person 2: teletically making you belive (picks up large stone)
person 1: nothings happe... OH GOD MY FACE, THERES BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!
by Keaton April 26, 2006

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