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a chick that's so fat you can fuck her in one of her fat roles without her even knowing your doing it or the act of fucking a far chick in one of her fat roles without her knowledge
I bet that fat bitch is a real gutterfuck. I bet I could gutter fuck the hell out of that fat bitch!
by ditchdiggger December 15, 2010
A slut, whore, tramp, a low down good for nothing worthless piece of trash. A waste of skin.
Get the hell out of my trailer, you damn worthless gutterfuck.
by Marty from Oz November 25, 2003
Totally worthless whore who annoys you to no end.
That bitch Candi wouldn't stop getting on my fucking nerves. What a gutterfuck!
by TLH June 08, 2005
1)Someone who fucks gutters

2)Someone who lives in the boondocks, or the bad side of town
1) you hear about steven? he fucks gutters!
what a gutterfuck!

2) Don't go East Portland, it's full of gutterfucks
by Weever June 01, 2005
1. to use the gutter lane to illegally or dangerously pass on the right.
2. to pass illegally, dangerous or in a manor that assures an asshole is driving.
3. in general any time someone cuts in line.
I was stuck in traffic on the 405 when three cars gutter fucked me driving down the break down lane.

My friends and I were waiting for a cab and some asshole ran down the street, jumped in the cab that we were hailing and gutter fucked us.
by Monkey55 December 31, 2011
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