A female that is usually overweight and drunk that will put out for just about anything because of her low self esteem and desperate need for diaper money. These women are almost always poor single moms and never use condoms so enter at your own risk...
That gutter whore drank my dick snot like it was Ovaltine.
by Cheriffy August 17, 2010
Top Definition
A person, usually a female, that is both very poor and has sex with people free of charge. Usually attaches themselves to their partner’s place of residence and returns the favor in sexual ways (because they are too poor to repay in money).
In addition to 'gutter whore' one can usually be called other names such as slut, skank, hoochie, cum dumpster, cum depository, ho, tramp
After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Mike picked up a gutter whore at the bar.
by toddthegeek August 23, 2006
someone that doesn't take money for sex, instead, they will take you and your life into the gutter and destroy the good shit you got by seducing you
That gutterwhore just wants to see if she can get you two to break up, she's an evil twat.
by Lady Bangmaid April 20, 2011
A whore who either lives or belongs in the gutter.
Jocelyn MacIntosh is a gutterwhore.
by danielle November 29, 2003
one who is related to dan zimmerman. see "dan zimmerman"
"Isn't she a gutter whore?"
by Turd Ferguson November 15, 2004
A girl who sleeps around and is very very poor/dirty
Amy is such a gutter whore, she slept with Mison in her shack.
by babii girl November 15, 2003
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