exceedingly slow, in reference to a motorized vehicle
"You HAVE to get the six cylinder model - the four cylinder is just gutless."
by Thayne August 01, 2005
Top Definition
description of one who does something unbeneficial or detrimental to you or another on a whim or without consideration of other factors
He gutlessly gave a surprise test today.
Sir Rossy's gutless.
by Marduke February 26, 2005
cowardly and feeble, thoroughly spineless
This gutless kid can't see what's wrong with the situation.
by The Return of Light Joker August 22, 2009
1)(adjective) something that is thoughtless or disadvantageous to another person or group

2)(verb) to gutless - the act of disadvantaging another person or group.

3) (noun) an act which was thoughtless or disadvantageous to another person or group
1) That was a really hard and uncalled for pop-quiz. It was such a gutless quiz.

2) Merlino gutlessed us. He left without us.

3) Jimmy pulled a gutless. He took all our money and left.
by Steven Brinks December 02, 2006
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