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a sickness which occurs in the stomach, usually, but not always, casuing extreme sickness that may induce vomiting or dry heeves/ usually untreatable with medical aid (with the exception of Peptobismol); person with the gut rut has to wait for the sickness to pass before being alleviated; however, the sickness may be overcome sooner with ginger ale, candy cane, or other peppermint hard candies, another home remedy to relieve the feeling almost immediatedly is to burn a piece of toast, then use the toast as a filter and run water through it and drink the water/ Gut Rut is more commonly referred to as the stomach bug, stomach virus, stomach ache, belly ache,
She did not go to school today due to the fact that she had the gut rut which caused her to vomit.
by poeticheartMERH February 05, 2010
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