were a girl is jammed with a dick so large her belly hurts
bob gut busted jane and she had to go to hospital to have her stomach pumped and when they got home bob told jane how sorry he was from givin the gut buster
by faggot nigga December 31, 2005
Top Definition
A Gutbuster is a type of food served by chipshops all around the world. A Gutbuster describes a cheeseburger in a bun, covered in batter and placed into the fryer.
Customer: "Can i have a Gutbuster supper?"
by Liam Thom February 21, 2009
a fully loaded deep-dish pizza slice, popular at college pizzerias throughout the midwest.
Six beers, two gut busters and a blunt; no wonder she horked.
by Joe Bone March 08, 2005
An above average penis. ;A dick big enough to do damage.
Damn, he had a gut-buster on him; my insides are still sore.
by TuShey February 09, 2012
A massive dildo over 12 inches long.
"Cat had a bucket fanny once she'd fucked herself with her new gut buster"
by Gingafish March 18, 2007
"a meal so delicious you can't stop eating it" Rachael Ray
A Gut Buster is a meal such as BAKED ZITI with fresh mozzerella and spinach.
by L.r.L January 22, 2008
Def:Some One Who Is a crowd pleaser;funny

Bckgrd:used in tha streetz, slang word 4 funny

That Lil Nigga Was A Gut Buster yo, He Made Me Laugh So Hard I Couldn't breath and then caught cramps kidd!!!!!!!!!!
a clown, someone silly, goofy, comedy
by crowepopimpin from naptown December 29, 2004
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