Top Definition
Good Shit
Yo man, you got the Gushi?
by feinstein95 April 23, 2010
Pronounced Goo-She
adjective: anything nice, raw, cool, positive, of that nature

can be used as a confirmation, okay, yes, and thank you.

Derived from Miami native Jeffrey Molina, a shortened version of the phrase "good shit" made to be less explicit.
Man 1: Did you see that MILF?

Man 2: Yee she was gushi.

D WADE *throws an alley to Lebron*

Bron: *Looks at DWADE, nods* Gushi!
by JeBron Molina May 12, 2011
Mysterious figure who only communicates via electronic written means.
After four years of communication, I still have yet to hear Gushi's voice.
by A Wise Goober July 24, 2006
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