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6 definitions by LowfromdaCHI

A very wet pussy. A cooch that is wet.
Did you hit last night? Hell yeah, and shorty had that gushy too!
by LowfromdaCHI May 22, 2008
62 25
The heavy and powerful flow of a female's natural juices that allows her vagina to become very moist internally and externally.
"She got that "Aquafina Flow" yeah that thang drips- got to be careful when i'm done so I don't slip" quote provided by artist:LOW song:It's Good
by LowfromdaCHI May 22, 2008
21 7
To have sexual intercourse.
I Hit yo girl buddy yesterday.
by LowfromdaCHI May 22, 2008
2 3
To ejaculate hard on someone.
She told me to cum on her face, so i gave the chick the ughh!
by LowfromdaCHI May 22, 2008
3 8
Money. A term used to state that one has money.
Lil P killing em on sixes, that boy got that chop!
by LowfromdaCHI May 22, 2008
1 16
A phrase that is in reference to anything.
What up Helen!! What's good with you and Helen! Ay, pass me that Helen ova there!!! I'm gone off that Helen!
by LowfromdaChi May 26, 2008
106 459