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The most amazing fruit snack ever created. It is both incredibly tasty and fun to eat because there is goo inside that gushes out when you eat them. Presently, the gush inside is blue which then turns your mouth blue, and who doesn't love it when their tongue changes colors? It most commonly comes in three delicious flavors: strawberry, watermelon, and tropical (which is the best).
If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life...no contest: Gushers!
by megagun11 March 24, 2009
52 25
female who actually squirts when having an orgasm.
She's so hot! What a gusher!
by bone head February 11, 2003
441 197
Delicious fruit-snacks with fruit-juice centers. Shaped like hexagons and distributed by General Mills.
Oh man, I got Strawberry Splash Gushers today in my lunch!
by Allie April 10, 2005
103 16
A woman who forcefully ejaculates during orgasm.
"The first time I had sex with my girlfriend I found out that she was a gusher. It was love at first gush."

"My girlfriend is such a gusher that she left a huge stain on the couch cushion."
by iiicanceriii December 14, 2006
161 110
A woman who has a very forceful ejaculation when she comes.
"Do your friends call you the 'Gushenator'?"
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey November 25, 2004
162 119
1. To have something very awesome occur in your life, akin to finding Gushers in the snack food aisle, also to be used a a form of congratulations.
2. A putdown to a rude or otherwise unsightly person
1.Guy 1: "Dude, I made Dean's List"
Guy 2: "Gushers, Nigga!"
2. Get the hell outta my bar with your gusher lookin ass!
by DJSCOOBERT November 13, 2010
11 12
when three or more women are on their periods and all were unprepared, causing them to gush blood all over their new skirts
yo, mann, they must be naggin' gushers!
by maddi-maddi-lovey-yhew May 06, 2011
6 18