Top Definition
the circumference or span of ones cock
kons has got a 6 inch gurth, golly
by long schlong silver March 22, 2004
Kendra Dube, round in diameter
watch out for that gurth! who ya gunna call? Gurth! mad gurth everywhere
by broman123 December 19, 2011
The belly that has turned from fat to sag. usually visible under the t-shirt or creates a shadow. An extremely versatile and unique word.
Guy 1: holly fuck dude that guy just ordered 6 big macs
Guy 2: What!? hes O.Ding
Guy1: fo real hes gotta tuck in his gurth

Bro 1: Fuck this party these bitches are gurth city
Bro 2: True dat
by Gurthtron August 22, 2009
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