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when one has been under an extreme ammount of the potent drug ecstasy at the end of the night the gurn bag is the ultimate cotch for someone under the influence, they feel at home and comfortable they can lay in this comfortable enviroment for as long as it takes to get out of the serious downer. This can take up to 1-2 days depending how much they have taken they wil be feeling grim from the downer of drugs the only thing that helps is weed and the infamous gurn bag!
hey man lets smoke a fat joint get stoned and cotch in these sick gurnbag's.

oi jack ive eaten one too many pills these gurners have taken there toll mate! i fink the only fing that is gonna sort my life out is a serious gurnbag!
#gurn bag #sleaping bag #cover bed #laying down #bedtime #sleeping bag
by thedirtywine September 14, 2009
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