gunta is a link to any word, it can be used as almost anything
a car has a slight crash, one would say 'ooo gunta'

a friend says good day mate, you say 'gunta'

you are lost for words, the one word that will always be on service is 'gunta'. it is very versitile and universal!
bring on the gunta!
by abski March 31, 2008
Top Definition
These characters can be found in abundance in Trinidad.He is a person who upon sighting him,you immediately start thinking he is going to rob you.He would usually be wearing a three quarter length pants that is way below his waist.His boxers are clearly visible and probably have a few holes but he does not mind that.All or some of his front teeth would be gold and glisten in the sun.If he does not have any gold teeth,some may be missing.He can wear his hair in different styles but dreadlocks are the preferred choice.He walks as if one side of his shoe has a spring at the bottom of the sole.
A group of guntas were seen liming at the corner.
by drebel_3 July 10, 2008
Latvian meaning for a girls body when she has no ass.
That girls body is gunta
by urbancan123 July 24, 2009
lean mean eating machine
give the leftovers to the gunta
by anthony April 19, 2004
lean mean eating machine
give all the leftovers to the gunta
by anthony April 18, 2004
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