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A particular individual who excitedly feasts on the gunt, or the fleshy nodule which protrudes from the lower abdomen of an older female between the cunt and the "gut".
"Quit it, gunt nosher!"

"Ugh. He's such a gunt nosher."

"I think this bar is packed with gunt noshers."
by billiam's brenda November 27, 2008
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A man who proudly and enthusiastically nibbles, bites, sucks-at and munches on a woman's "gunt", or, the bulging area of fat located between an overweight girl's stomach and genitals.
"Quit changing the radio station, gunt nosher!" or "Do you think that guy wakes up every morning TRYING to look like a gunt nosher?"
by billiam's brenda October 26, 2008
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