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fart-filled pants

The existence of a pair of gundgies is a temporary phenomenon, though there are undocumented cases of what were though to be average pants later revealing themselves to be gundgies.

Gundgies often manifest themselves most viscerally when the owner stands from a sitting position or vice versa. Walking often is a means to weaken the existence of gundgies, but also results in an increased area of effect. Gundgies are especially long lived in sitting positions, and are often exacerbated by corduroy or a thick blanket.

Gundgies can also be used as a means of surpising friends. Particularly with a pair old corduroy pants, the gundgie owner may confidently approach a friend and use a wringing motion to free "gundgie whoof", much to the surprise of all.

Pronounced: gun-jeez
Brody squished his gundgies at me.
by Bominitious June 27, 2010
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