A workout at the gym in which the person only works out their arms in order to make them look bigger; biceps, triceps, forearms
Bro, we need to get a quick gun run in and get our swell on before the club tonight!
by jackshow December 07, 2011
Top Definition
To tense arms while running past girls
Joe did the gun-run in the hope that he might impress the girls
by PindersUK November 23, 2014

it means to kill or defeat in a quickly, chaotic manner. often with over kill. used often in relation to other players online or on the internet and how you will treat them
"i'll gun-run those mother fucking sons of whore mongers" after somebody pisses you off in multiplayer
"I'm gonna gun-run those bitches right down to hell"
also can be used with pwn obliterate overkill etc.
by Mr. Psychic September 25, 2010
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