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term used to describe a person who thinks that he/she (9 times out of 10 it is a male, usually in middle school) knows a lot about guns, but is just repeating whatever they heard and/or saw on FutureWeapons, the History Channel, and the weapons menu on any FPS/shoot 'em up (especially Modern Warfail 2 and the Battlefield games), and doesn't bother to actually research the firearms, and sounds like an ass whenever they talk about firearms.
Gun Queer: "OMG teh Striker is teh best shotgun evar!!"

Me (the average gun nut): "OK, if you know so much about it, can you tell me who invented it, what country it came from, and can you legally buy it in the US and why/why not?" (Answer: Hilton Walker invented it in the '80s, it was produced in South Africa, and it cannot be bought in the US because it is classified as a "destructive device" under the NFA)

Gun Queer: "Uhh... Russia? And you can't buy it here because it's Russian...right?"

Me: "Wrong on all counts. Go home, gun queer."
by c deez nuts June 24, 2010