the origin of a stench of biblical proportions coming out of the patch of strongbad's couch -- and coach z's terrible secret.
Strongbad had me over for gumbo one night...
by dodo November 22, 2003
Top Definition
A dish that originated from the black people of the South-Eastern United States. It is a mixture of meat, okra, leafy vegetables, clili peppers, and whatever leftover food you have.
Are you sure that was the month-old pot roast you put in that gumbo because I swear I saw something swimming in my bowl when I stuck my spoon in?
by AYB April 03, 2003
dervived from the west african word "gombo" for okra; a stew comprised of the holy trinity in cajun/creole cooking (onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes) cajun spices, okra, bay leaves, and a variety of meats (sausage, chicken, and seafood) and served with rice.
Emeril frequently makes gumbo.
by traces April 28, 2007
Fat slob, spends all day browsing the internet for disturbing pictures/videos, most likely to become a serial killer.
hey gumbo stop killing people
by Whittazz April 19, 2009
gum boots.
It is raining, so put on your gumbos and go out.
by uttam maharjan June 30, 2010
A personal gumbo:
Someone who has betrayed your trust and loyalty, so you now only view them as a person who has perma-spit dripping down their chin, a bent neck and 'CUNT' plastered on their reputation. The only sound you hear when they speak is "hurrr".

An unknown gumbo:
People who lack an understanding of personal space, up to and including being able to feel their tea-breath on your face.
"Mate, I can't believe she was your bezzie and she slept with your ex"
"I know, you can't expect anything more from a born and bred gammy gumbo though can ya !!"
by Polly & Callum May 17, 2012
to be like gumby
Kelly is such a gumbo today
by a gumbo February 18, 2011
what my mum calls black people
dont buy anything off that gumbo
by AshlingPlaygirl September 02, 2008

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