Covert way of saying a women has really nice big boobs. Also see swig. Swig is used for small boobs, gulp is used for big boobs
Check out the gulp on her.
by Down Town Julie Brown November 28, 2006
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The sound made when swallowing.
"These Urban Dictionary guys are bunch of filthy perverts. Gulp is clearly the sound made when swallowing, and can have quite innocent connotations."
by Mr. Brownstone January 26, 2005
(verb) to swallow cum after a blowjob or intercourse.
Jenna just gulped a hot load.
by Mirage December 31, 2004
A great method of birth control. 100 percent effective.
It started off with just cruisin', then she said "Gulp. Gulp Gulp"
by dieselboy427 July 03, 2010
A word, or really more of a sound used at random times and random places. The "sound" can also be used to answer someone as if to say "yes".
Steve: Hey Randy, you watching the fight Saturday?

Randy: GULP!
by Donald Broonklesbury February 12, 2011
The sound of many men doing what's necessary to be declared homosexual. The sound you make when demonstrating how gay your friend is. The sound you make at people walking by you.

Improper usage includes: Not saying gulp enough.
"Gulp guh gulp gulp giggidy gulp!"


by Hecky-Naw December 24, 2004

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