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n. Someone who is extremely gullible to the point that causes them psychological or physical pain and suffering . They are not even a gulli"bull" they are instead the younger form or immature "gullicalf."

Made popular by movie, Wayne's World 2.
Steve is such a gullicalf, he always believes me when I say the stove is not hot. He never learns from his burns.
by Jive Talkin July 23, 2008
Not quite gullible enough to be a gullibull.
A gullicalf will often accept something tenuous but then realise he's becoming a gullibull and step back from the brink.
From Wayne's World 2: "Come on! Do you think
I'm a gullibull or even a gullicalf?"
by Bradders1011 April 01, 2008
Not completely gullible. One who is gull of a calf rather than a full adult bull.
John is pretty gullible, or maybe just gullicalf.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005