1. an expression meant to invite approval, overexcitement and comedic merit in the "masculine tense"

2. see also "yull" in the "feminine tense"
"This meerkat seems to be in trouble. Let me take out my magnifier. GULLLLLLL!"

"I'm a little kid gull."
by gullguy August 13, 2012
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The word said by Chen in EXO-M's song "What is Love" he was really supposed to say girl, like D.O did. But, instead it came out as "gull"
"Gull... I can't explain what I feel"
by sakiichan March 04, 2013
A person who never pays for food but is constantly eating others food and/or raiding the refrigerator.
"Someone gulled my food from last day."
by FD Phantom May 27, 2009
Street Slang for the birds that pick at decomposing Corpses.
"When we found him, there were all types of Gulls pickin' at em"
by Conrad June 19, 2003
V. Guller - The act of gulling; to intentionally talk the ear off of someone, about their own personal interests or obsessions.

N. Gull - Someone who talks too much. Someone who is constantly interrupting a conversation with their usless two cents. Someone who will talk your ear off even if you try to ignore them, or have been ignoring them in the first place.

A gull is often a monotone voiced individual with annoying pitch or sometimes sounding like Eeyore, and tons of useless information to talk your ear off with. Will occasionally take a liking to your likings and ruin them for you.
Friend 1: "Any open ear or someone willing to listen can fall prey to a Gull."

Friend 2: "Yea, robert gulled the hell outta me yestarday about shit I didnt even care about..."

Friend 3: "WEEEEEEEELLLLL.....GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT GUYS!, etc. etc. etc."

Gull- "Hey guess what I found out about the Insert boring topic..."

Victim: "We dont care we are trying to watch t.v..."

Gull- "I know you guys dont care but i'll tell you all about it anyways..."

"Gosh! we wish you would just leave us alone no one cares!"
by DGAFerZ January 16, 2010
a slang name for a girl
so gulls hold ur weaves while im weaving thru traffic
by ladi_balla June 21, 2003
verb: to talk or trick someone into doing something foolish or rash.

Related to "gullible".
We gulled Jackie into lending us her dad's car "for an hour" -- now we have a ride for the weekend, dude!
by Jasper Ferg March 04, 2011
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